I have had the pleasure of working with many professionals in the movie industry. Some of them have made some comments on their experience working with me which I would like to share with you:


I had the pleasure of working with Mike Mitchell on the medieval fantasy movie Morning Star. In my dual roles both as stunt coordinator and actor on this movie I experienced working with Mike on a "one to one" level, especially so in the scene that I choreographed in which his character gets beaten up... I can only say that Mike showed nothing but enthusiasm ( and true grit!! ) to get the best possible shot as the directors continued to ask for more close ups and different angles. At all times ( both on and off set ) I found Mike to be courteous and respectful, and always with a smile and kind word to everyone. Also on a really tight filming schedule his charisma and energy contributed greatly to team spirit. In Mike Mitchell I met an actor who is not only a true professional but also a true gentleman, and someone who is an asset to any production. I look forward to working with Mike again in the near future.

Ally McClelland
Stunt Co-ordinator  


Mike Mitchell: As a fellow actor, or director, Mike Mitchell is a dream actor. His charisma shines through with every word, glance and touch. I was pleased to discover he was already highly trained and proficient in weaponry and martial arts, could handle any accent, and is not just an accomplished actor, but an accomplished human being. He's a dream to work with. Not only does he know his lines and intentions, but he's very generous, giving even off camera. He arrives on time with no ego, but a genuine concern for the production and all involved. You'll find he's a huge morale boost on set. Always quick with a smile, a joke or a helping hand. After working with him in both Zombie Massacre and Legend of the Red Reaper I continue to actively seek ways to collaborate with Mr. Mitchell in the future as either a fellow actor or director.

Tara Cardinal



I was very lucky to work with Mike on the set of Pearls of Africa Film. The story had lots of complex issues but working with Mike on set was most enjoyable and stress free.  I found Mike very professional and hard working.  His presence filled the set with lots of energy.  I found Mike very respectful and polite, and as famous and experienced as he is, he made everyone fit in around him and he was ready to help in any direction.  Mike 's  powerful portrayal of the character in the film adds more life to the story.  I look forward to working with Mike again.

Sharon Agina
Director/Producer Pearls of Africa


"Since the first time I saw a photo of Mike I told myself "I want him in zombie massacre!" ... He was perfect for that role ... Mike is a wonderful person and on set he is the dream of every director. Working with him is easier than breathing ... He always gives the 100% and never stops until the shot is done ... I am proud to consider him a friend ".

Marco Ristori
Producer/DirectorZombie Massacre
December 2012 


"Mike Mitchell is one of those gifted actors who can really get to the truth of any character he plays, Diverse, dedicated and a complete professional are three words I would use to describe Mike. I had the honour of working with him on my film 'Rose' where played a lead character and he really brought the character to life and found the inner essence of the character I hope to work with Mike again real soon as it was a wonderful experience and one I would recommend to any Director"

Kemal Yildrim
Producer/ Director
Knight Productions Ltd

There is only one recommendation that is worth considering, and that is, if you employ someone after working with them or seeing them on someone else’s show. I worked with Mike on a TV show and was amazed at how the camera liked his face. He came to work with me on Freight and very quickly picked many things up from the more experienced actors. I think he will go a long way, and as I have told him, don’t waste your time here in the UK, get on a plane to LA; you should be in films.

Stuart St Paul Director

It is my great pleasure to have the chance to work with Mike Mitchell yet again as it is many years since I first met him and he has come a long way since then.  As my CoProducer on this film he brings his vast knowledge in business affairs and dealing with contracts etc.  As the Lead Principal Actor he brings the great experience he has gained as an actor. He brings his character to life and makes him believable because of his dedication and attention to detail.  Because of his military background he is very comfortable with weapons and helped to teach firearm safety procedures to the other cast members.  Mike is very professional and reliable and I would be honoured to work with him in other movies.

Bill Little            

Producer / Director
Scotfilms UK    

Working with Mike was a great honour. His previous accomplishments speak for themselves yet this has not clouded his personality,he is down to earth and easy to listen to. As the armourer on Freight it was my role to ensure safe working practice on set  and having Mike onboard was a great asset. His knowledge of weapons and tactics really brought his character to life. His military training enabled his to focus on his role rather than having to think about how to handle the weapon.
There are very few actors that are able to animate a firearm correctly but Mike is right up there.
I will be following his acting career with great interest as he has the potential to rise to the top and dominate the screen. It was a pleasure to work along side him and I gained knowledge from him that is not wrote in any text book. He is not just a work colleague but a true friend
Thanks for the privilege
Glyn Atherton
M5 Armouries

"Filming commenced on the back to back sequels to my debut comedy feature film, "Rough Around The Edges", in September 2009. Mike Mitchell has joined the cast for the sequels, and we spent seven consecutive days shooting his material (for both films) on location in Turkey. Mike is a consummate professsional and it was a pleasure working with him. Comedy is a tough genre and although I enjoy veering from the script and incorporating improv into the performances, experience has taught me that this can only be done with confidence if the actor walks on set knowing his character inside out, and knowing his lines so well he can recite them backwards. These qualities give us a solid base during the day's filming, allowing us to shoot what is scripted, but also picking up additional material over and above what's in the script. Mike delivered on both fronts, he'd nailed his character on day one and knew his lines (for both sequels) verbatim, allowing us to shoot brilliant material each day. Mike brings a professional approach to his work,and I was impressed by his commitment to the team's workload as a whole - our aims for the day became his aims too, and his contribution behind the camera will not be forgotten. I look forward to working with Mike in the not too distance future, he is a pleasure to work with and a consummate pro.

Jim Dickinson, Writer/Producer/Director, "Rough Around The Edges".


I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Mitchell on two separate films and on both occasions, he was extremely hardworking, courteous and professional. On my first film in particular Mike’s leadership qualities and dedication were invaluable. Quite simply, without Mike’s involvement we might never have finished the film.

On my second film, ‘One Day Removals’ Mike offered outstanding support to the lead actor and was one again a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other directors or casting agents.

Mark Stirton


Mr Mike MItchell is a big man and a big presence, on and off screen. I've had the pleasure of working with him more than once and he never fails to strive for a performance and, in my eyes, just as importantly, delights in the process of doing so. While shooting a short that I wrote and produced, he brought so much to the table and genuinely brought the character to life. And as i remember he taught a number of the crew a thing or two about shooting a punch up! Mike is a talent, a presence and a wealth of experience, in one big muscly package!

Matt Smith
Writer & Producer

I had the great pleasure of working with Mike Mitchell when he was starting out in his career. He is a big man in all sense of the word, but he proved in the fight scenes he could move.  He worked very well with a sword and found the body and sword coordination very easy, which made my job as Fight Arranger a lot easier as he was a joy to work with.  He is a unique talent and has great presence on screen.  In my option he will go far in this business and bring a great deal of characters to life.
Bill Little
Fight Arranger


"Since the first time I saw a photo of Mike I told myself "I want him in zombie massacre!" ... He was perfect for that role ... Mike is a wonderful person and on set he is the dream of every director. Working with him is easier than breathing ... He always gives the 100% and never stops until the shot is done ... I am proud to consider him a friend ".
Marco Ristori
Zombie Massacre




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